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Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Improving mental clarity and focus is a multifactorial equation. It requires examining and adjusting several aspects of one's current lifestyle. At The Focused Mind Coaching Center, we believe mental focus is a trained skill. It doesn't matter how naturally good or bad at concentrating your mind you are. What matters is, are you coachable?

I'm here to tell you, no prove to you, that your mind's ability to focus is like any other muscle in the rest of your body. You have the ability to improve it. Build it. Develop it. Condition it. Just like you can strengthen your body with exercise, the right diet, healthy sleep habits, and protection from the elements, so too can you condition and strengthen your mind. In fact, when you start taking care of your body with healthy intentions your mind quickly follows suit. Often times, it's not that we actually can't focus, it's just that we are not focusing on the right things. This is what I refer to as mental clarity. It's easy to lose our mental clarity in a world full of electronic, physical, and circumstantial distractions.

If you have tried to reach a goal several times for as long as you can remember, and you've always fallen short, you've probably started to believe your goal is nothing short of impossible. Worse, you've probably begun to feel like a failure. You've even thought out loud, "I'm such a failure." Repeated failures destroy your confidence. Repeated failures lead to a deep distrust of your own thoughts, feelings, intuition. Repeated failures completely tear away our self respect and self image. Repeated failure becomes a story we believe about ourselves and ultimately live out. Eventually, we end up feeling like we don't have the will power to make lasting change a reality for ourselves.

If we know what we want to achieve, but we fail in achieving it over and over, we start to collect evidence for the belief that we are not worthy, able, strong willed enough, or focused enough to do the things we long for. It's a negative cycle. Each failure derails us from our focus. Each negative circumstance becomes an obstacle that weakens our resolve. Excuses become the enemy of focus and mental clarity.

We get distracted by the circumstances of our lives and by our beliefs about those circumstances. We get distracted by nay-sayers who don't believe in our mission or our ability to achieve our dreams. We get distracted by our emotions, our moods, and especially our fatigue. Eventually, we get distracted so many times, we decide it's more painless to simply give up than to keep trying.

The self deception here is that giving up is only painless in the moment you feel most powerless. The next day or week, or month, the pain hovers over you like a dark cloud which is the pain that is left by having given up your hearts deepest desires. Nothing good comes from this cycle. Yet we live it out continually.

Ugh! Enough of all that drama!

I've created the Focused Mind Coaching Center to help you overcome your distractions, and improve your life starting today.

The last twenty three years of my life, I've been dedicated to a neurology practice, with a sub-specialty in ADHD and neurodevelopment disorders. I've written countless prescriptions for ADHD medications, ordered thousands of consults with psychologists, behavioral analysts, and even referred many of my patients to psychiatry. I've filled out thousands of documents requesting all kinds of special accommodations for my patients in their respective educational and work settings. And over the years, I've noticed a gap for a modality that addresses improving Executive Dysfunction.

Executive functioning skills are the skills we have to plan, prepare, not procrastinate, stay centered on our tasks to see them through to completion. Healthy executive function is about sticking to deadlines, proper and healthy time management, knowing what to do when. It's about structure. It's about healthy habits that set us up for success.

So the burning questions you're still pondering...How can we change the things we are unhappy with about ourselves? How can we cultivate a healthier future (both mentally and physically)? How can we make LASTING change? I can't even focus for an hour a day on the simple tasks of living: paying bills on time, exercising daily, eating better for more energy, keeping my living and working spaces tidy, keeping clutter to a minimum, taking the trash out on time, getting to work and school on time! The list is endless, I know.

These are the challenges I'm going to help you with. Together, I'm going to walk you through learning to create habits that will take the "work" out of daily living, so you don't lose your laser sharp focus for building the future of your dreams.

I will teach you how to overcome unpleasant circumstances that can throw you off course. I will help you train your mind to function at its best. Together, we will awaken, strengthen, and develop your mind's focus. This is all you need to create the lasting change your heart desires.

I want to coach you to realize your potential and develop your talents so that you can live your most successful, satisfying, and abundant life.

Are you ready and willing to be coachable? If yes, reach out to me via email at: so we can schedule a free 30-minute consultation.

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